Our Service to You

At Sparkway Customs Brokerage let our experienced trade specialists guide you and your business through the uncertainty of cross border shipping. We offer 24/7 Canadian Customs clearances, duty drawback amendments, food importations, NAFTA preparation, trade consulting and most of all competitive pricing that wont be beat.


With consulting professionals throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, we help you establish and maintain trade compliance programs, meet audit requirements, recover duties and taxes, and manage border security.

Customs Brokerage

Faster clearance requires advanced tech and the best people. That’s what you get with Sparkway: the latest digital and automation tools in the hands of the finest compliance experts. Unbeatable.

Document Preparation

Preparation of licenses and documents can be a  hindrance of your international trade business. With years of experience, Sparkway is you close partner on obtaining import permits

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